Lish Public Health & Coronavirus Information

Last Updated: Monday, May 11


Lish is open for catering orders.

The reality facing many businesses has changed. As we prepare for the future, our “new normal” includes updates to improve safety for your team members and ours, and options to fit your meals to your team’s plans to return to your office. 


Lish meals help to keep your office safe. Our deliveries:

  • Reflect King County Health Department, OSHA, and CDC best practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Minimize the need for  your team members to leave your office space.
  • Ensure that food deliveries are made by screened personnel trained in and practicing proper safety techniques.   

Ordering is available online or through your account manager. Please email for assistance with any requests.

Updates to Meals and Materials

Lish is prepared to serve your team in the manner you feel is most safe. Our offerings and packaging provide no-contact options.

Individually Packaged Meals

In addition to our standard family-style packaging, our chef partners now provide a wide variety individually packaged meals. Search for these meals using the “Boxed Lunch” cuisine type. 

Individually Packaged Cutlery

Lish now provides individually wrapped compostable cutlery – the wrapping is compostable too!

Increased Sanitation

Lish Catering Leads will use sanitizer spray and wipes to ensure your meal area is sanitized prior to set up.

Lish Employee Health & Safety Practices

Our team is made up of employees, not contractors, allowing Lish to do additional safety screening and training. Lish meal programs reduce your team’s exposure to delivery drivers that have not been screened.


Daily Health Screenings

Every day Lish employees undergo health screenings, including a temperature check. Employees wear a dated sticker indicating they have passed their health screen. Any individual reporting symptoms or with visible signs of illness will be sent home immediately. WA state food regulations specifically disallow sick workers from handling food. 

Increased Safety Training

Lish employees have passed a COVID-19 Safety Training to reinforce proper hand washing, glove and protective equipment use, social distancing, awareness of the symptoms of COVID-19, and self-screening. Lish catering leads are trained on safe food handling practices and must have current Food Handler’s cards.

Social Distancing

We are practicing social distancing at Lish. Your Catering Lead is trained to maintain a minimum 6 ft. distance from others throughout your delivery and set-up. Please help us reinforce this safety measure by reminding your team to keep their distance during set-up. 

Protective Equipment

Lish employees will now wear an approved face covering/mask as part of their required apparel. We also provide them with personal hand sanitizer. We provide single-use gloves for the handling of food at our chef partners and at your delivery.

Sick Leave Policy

Lish employees are offered Paid Sick & Safe Time (PSST) and Paid Time Off (PTO) as part of their benefits. We follow King County Health Department guidelines for returning to work after calling out sick or possible exposure.

Chef Partner & Food Safety

Lish meals are prepared in King County Health Department certified kitchens. All of our Chef Partners are required to meet FDA best practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Health Inspections

Chef Partners must provide copies of satisfactory King County Health Inspection Reports for their last two inspections, with Good or Excellent Food Safety Ratings from King County. 

Kitchen Assessment

Chef partners must participate in a Lish operational risk assessment inspection of their kitchen, to evaluate that safe food handling practices and measures are in place to avoid foodborne illness (temperature, infected worker policy, proper cookery, food source, cleaning & sanitizing).

Food Business Permit

All partners must hold a current Risk Type III permit with King County, which states that they must follow WA state food safety regulations that disallow sick workers from handling food.

Guidance for Offices

On May 4, 2020 Governor Jay Inslee unveiled the “Safe Start” plan outlining four phases to reopening Washington’s businesses. Phase 1 of reopening Washington began on May 5, 2020. The state will stay in each phase for a minimum of three weeks. 


As a food delivery service, Lish remains open as an essential business. We are operating in a limited capacity for businesses who have specific needs for delivery. The Lish office is operating remotely during this time and our Customer Success and Customer Support teams are available to respond to any questions or inquiries. 


For Subscription Catering Clients whose offices are closed, we are requesting two-weeks notice for resumption of service so we can appropriately staff your meals and give our chef partners sufficient lead time to prepare. 

Order Cancellations

As a reminder, our standard cancellation policy will be in effect for any last minute rescheduled orders or cancellations, as follows. Our fees compensate our chef partners for the time and products they invest to prepare your orders.

Contact Us: Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for the above policies by emailing